Thursday, July 26, 2007

Cooper's walking...finally!

Cooper finally decided to take his first steps himself! He's been a great walker for months, but would never take off on his own. Finally yesterday he let go and took off. You can tell by his face that he LOVES it. He just thinks it's the coolest thing ever. Excuse the massive collage of pictures...went a little nuts with the camera.

Hope life is treating everyone good. Nothing is new over here...besides the non-stop heat and humidity. It's killing us! I think we need some pool time...

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Cooper's first kiss

Brecke was putting the moves on Cooper, and finally he got the picture and leaned in for a smooch.
It's ok Coop, it's only your first time, things might seem awkward.

Are you slipping her the tongue??

Dave is officially a CPA! WOOOOO! After hours and hours...and more hours of studying for this test he passed it. Well he passed it a while ago, but the actual license just came in the mail last week. It was a long process but he is done I am so dang proud of him...

Here's a layout I just finished. I couldn't wait to scrapbook these pictures!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Our week


His new favorite thing...reading.

He loves to be buried in laundry


Cooper's favorite toy...and any kid who comes to play at our house. If you're in the market for a new fun's by playskool and it's a ball popper or something like that. He LOVES it.

Our friend Jared speared this shark and they barbequed it for dinner Saturday night. I watched him gut the dang thing...

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I heart Scrubs

Ok, does anyone one watch Scrubs? If not, promise me you will. In my opinion, its's one of the most brilliantly written t.v. shows. Me and Dave watch it nightly and each time, without fail, we are peeing our pants laughing. I want to meet the writer...and hug him for making my life that much more wonderful.

This week has been a slow one, nothing much going on...which is how I like it. Last week was crazy so I love when it slows down. Saturday we went to the beach for a bit and my friend Kristen took some cute pics of Dave and of course, I must post a few.

These are from the zoo last week. Cooper and Izak feeding the billy goats. Coop just wanted the horns.

Classic holding the camera and cutting one, if not all people, out of the photo. I truly don't know why I'm posting this...the picture flatters no one.

Love those 3 snaggle teeth on the bottom...wonder if
the 4th will ever make it's appearance. Gosh he's cute.

This week Cooper has been FIGHTING sleep more than ever. He has been a good sleeper until this last week and it's driving me bonkers. Every time (and I truly mean every time) I have put him down for a nap or bed this week he has screamed anywhere from 15 mins. to 1 hour and then falls asleep for like 20 minutes!! And he's also been waking up at ridiculous times in the morning like 4:30-5am. It's killing us. I don't know what is going he ready for just one nap a day?? I am so confused and wondering if he's just in pain from getting those dang molars in. Anyway, I am venting a bit, I am sorry. Gosh I love him, but it's so hard listening to him cry so much. And any mom knows how frusterating that is! (I feel like I'm sleep training him again) If anyone has ever experienced this sort of thing and knows what I might expect please let me know. I am exhausted...on a positive note, he has been surprisingly happy in between his short naps :)

Good night! Much needed sleep ahead.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Birthday parties, Zoo and 4th of July

Wow, it's been a busy week. First we went to Brecke's birthday party who turned one on the 3rd. Great party Kristin...thanks! She is the cutest little girl I have ever seen...truly. Then on the 4th we went swimming, played volleyball and had a BBQ at our house. (of course...I want to know one person who doesn't have a bbq on the 4th of july) Any excuse to be with our friends and eat.

Then the next day we went to the orange county zoo. It's no San Diego zoo but there were a few animals to see and the park surrounding it was gorgeous! It was only $2 to get in so I recommend it to anyone around here. My camera ran out of juice while we were there so I will have to get the pictures from Kristen, who took some cute ones, and post them later.

That same night we had a surprise party for our friend
Tiffany. Kristen supplied the food and I supplied the kitchen and home...ok apartment. Of course it was so much fun....any time we get to spend together is fun. We truly have the greatest friends down here. Happy Birthday Tiff!

Cooper has been feeling a lot better. He ditched the fever and diarrhea finally. He has been a lot happier thank heavens. I sure could live without his 5am wake-up calls though. Yes, I said 5am...and he doesn't go back to sleep...he is up for the day.
Anyway, here are some pics from our fun week. Happy 4th everyone! And to all you Canadians...Happy 1st of July! I sure missed the farm this year...

Brecke digging into
her birthday cupcake

Brant, I'm sorry....
couldn't resist

Surprise! Tiffany finding out we threw her a little party

Monday, July 2, 2007

Poor Cooper

He's had a rough couple of days. All week he's had non-stop diarrhea which I didn't worry too much about, thinking it's from teething. Then yesterday he woke up with a bad fever that still hasn't gone away, up to 103. I still wasn't too worried because the last time teeth came through he had the same symptoms. But then earlier tonight I was nursing him and all of a sudden he vomits like a gallon of throw up. It just kept coming, I was dying, I have never seen so much throw up. So I finally went to see his doctor and she said he must be fighting a virus since he was congested today also. He hasn't eaten a thing the last couple days which made him lose a bunch of weight. My heart breaks for him! ANYWAY, poor litte guy has been just out of it today, sleeping most of the day...along with watching baby einstein dvds (thanks G&G Murdock!) It has been very sweet for me to just hold him and sing to him while he dozes off in my arms...made the day a lot easier being able to cuddle with him so much.

Besides him being sick everything else is well. Dave's cousin and aunt came down for the wknd and stayed with us a couple nights which was fun. We love when people come to visit. Then we housesat for some friends, which is more like a vacation for us because their house is wonderful. Big screen tvs in every room along with every movie channel possible...we were in heaven with endless movies to watch. Plus they had air conditioning...a luxury our apartment doesn't have.

Here are a couple pages I've done lately. Bad pictures (I need a 12X12 scanner) and no journaling yet. Can't find my pen! But just thought I'd share...a lot of orange...