Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Little stinker

Cooper's new favorite thing...pulling off as much toilet paper -as fast as he can- until I find him. I wish I could show you how fast he was doing it when I took this picture. He was on a mission to get that whole role off in 20 seconds...seriously putting his back into it.

He has also been doing this thing where he wont eat unless he can hold the bowl, spoon or cup (whatever he's eating with) and whether it be yogurt or cheerios....he will drink from his bowl....and only drink. It's tons of fun cleaning up.

Here's Dave with his squid finally. He had a lot of fun on the boat and said he could've caught a bunch if he wanted but only brought home one...thank heavens. Apparently there were tons of squid in the water when they went. We might try and cook it up this weekend ...well Dave anyway...

Thursday, June 21, 2007

I don't know how people do it...

Go to disneyland more than two days in a row!! Holy cow that place is rockin, but tons of fun. We went Tuesday instead of Monday and had a blast. Cooper soaked it all in so well and was an absolute champ. He did great and had fun. Of course the naps were short but he woke up each time excited for the next ride. I think his fave was the carousel or jungle cruise...it's a toss up. Dave's family went again the next day to California Adventure, but I wussed out and didn't go. I couldn't imagine doing it again the next day with Cooper and without Dave (he had to get back to work). Anyway, I'm totally excited to go in the fall time when there are less people and we can go for as long/short as we want. Seriously, the passes are a must. If you are a california resident you pay $83/day or you can get a whole year pass for just $120/year! (around there, and we got the lowest package) So it's a no-brainer...go for the pass.

Besides that we went to the beach on monday and hung out there till dinner. We went to B.J.s pizza...Dave's dad's favorite place to go when they come visit(and our favorite pizza place) Tonight Dave and Taylor (brother-in-law) might got out fishing for a couple hours in the ocean. They found a place you can pay to use their equipment and go out on a big boat, with other people I imagine, and fish for a bit. Anyway, don't know much about it, but Dave's excited.

They leave tomorrow which is sad for us. We love when family visits and always dread saying goodbye. But it's been a lot of fun...thanks guys for coming!! Of course, I have to leave you with some pics of Disneyland.....the happiest place on earth.

Friday, June 15, 2007


There's nothing better than a sleeping baby and quiet house. I used to live for action and constant noise, but since having Cooper I have come to appreciate peace and quiet. I'm sure any mom can agree with me! Anyway, this weekend has been fun. I got a call from the Scrapbook Oasis the other week asking if I would be willing to come work Friday because CKU, a huge scrapbook convention in Anaheim, was here and so crazy scrapbookers would be invading stores around orange county. I jumped on the idea and worked that night. It was so fun seeing customers I used to talked to all the time and working with the employees who I totally miss. I LOVE that place! Then yesterday was a lazy day for me and Dave (which we LOVE) we took Cooper to the pool for a bit and then Dave went and played volleyball at the beach. Last night, for an elders quorum party, we went on a harbor cruise around newport harbor with a bunch of people in the ward. A guy in our ward has a huge boat/yacht (don't know the diff) so he drove us around for a couple hours. We had so much fun. And being baby-free made it even better!

I thought I'd share a few things that are making me happy today...besides our fun weekend. These cute stamps from Dave's mom and felt flowers I just got at the Scrapbook Oasis last week. The colors are so yummy, I can't wait to use them! (to see the images you have to click on the words stamps and flowers)
Our friends
Tracy and Adam just had their baby girl today...FINALLY after being 12 days late! can you imagine? Anyway, they didn't find out what they were having and so everyone was guessing. I actually guessed a girl so I was happy! Congrats guys!

Tomorrow we are going to Disneyland with Dave's family (who is coming to visit today for a week!) I am pumped to take Cooper for the first time...we actually just got season passes so I can take him more. Alright, I have talked enough, here are a couple pics from the harbor cruise. It was too dark, I should've taken them earlier...and I wasn't about to gather everyone for a photo, so I just took a random picture of some of the people.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Coopers 1st Birthday

Saturday we celebrated Coop's birthday party, and it turned out wonderful! We had a low-key bbq in our courtyard...a few of the kids swam, and then we watched Cooper devour his cake. That was, for sure, was the highlight of the day. Cooper was loving all the excitement and swimming...he LOVES to swim. I'm so glad everyone was able to come and celebrate with us. We have some great friends, holy cow. Cooper was so happy and it turned out to be a perfect day for us! Here are some of the pictures we took...thanks Kristen and Larissa for managing the camera most of the time!

Not a moment of hesitation to eat his lop-sided cake
(I was pretty much frosting in my sleep)

Holy crap this tastes good...
does she notice I'm still eating it?

I have literally never been
this full in my life...

Opening his cute gifts

His little buds...except for Izak who was sleeping...

Our crazy boy...who I swear has been crazier since he turned one. But I love it...check out that face....we love him so much it's not even even funny

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

We're back

First off, sorry about my messed up blog. After re-doing it, all my previous posts got messed up. Anyway...

We just got home yesterday and I already miss it! It's so nice to be home, but it's hard leaving family....again and again. The wedding went great, the temple was wonderful of course and the dinner and reception looked gorgeous. Wow. It all went so smoothly. And it was so fun being able to see friends and family who I haven't see in so long. The day after the wedding was Cooper's birthday and we went up to Dave's parents who live in Bountiful and stayed there until we came home. On his birthday we went to the community pool and swam for a while with Dave's neices and my brothers. It was so fun in there! Cooper absolutely loves the water and could've been in there all day long. On monday we went to Park City and wow...I want to live there. I LOVE that place. Of course we had to hit the outlets and then we had lunch on main street. The next day Dave's mom and I went to the scrapbook store near their house (always the highlight of my trip) and got a few things. We both love to scrapbook so we ususally spend most of our time talking about it.

This saturday is Coopers little birthday party. Nothing big, but I wanted a chance for all his buds to get together and play. Now all I have to do is figure what food to serve....hmm....
Anyway, we're getting back in the groove of things....I hate having to go grocery shopping (to 5 different stores it seems), and clean the house so it doesn't smell like nobody lives there. All good....I bought a yummy pink lemonade candle in Utah and it has been burning ever since we've been home. I can't get enough of it :)
Here are some pics from the weekend...sorry the first one is blurry...