Monday, April 27, 2009

For you Tori...

I almost have your pictures done. WOOO! Until then, here are few sneaks. More than a few. Thanks for letting me play and have fun with you guys. I think they turned out pretty. Goodrich_0619 web

Goodrich_0499 web

Goodrich_0553 web
Goodrich_0558 web
Goodrich_0600 web

Goodrich_0709 web
Goodrich_0745 web
Goodrich_0739 polaroid
Goodrich_0795 web

Friday, April 24, 2009

boring, boring, boring

I know, my blog is so boring. But seriously, I've just had no desire to update it. Life has been so busy. I hate busy life. I like my simple life, but for some reason I have let it get busy the past couple weeks. I have been editing photos like crazy (which I will get to posting), but also trying to enjoy my husband being home again. It's been soooooo nice. Catching up on our thursday night t.v.

Speaking of, is anyone watching parks and recreation? I think we will like that show. And did anyone watch 30 rock last night? Awesome. We can't get enough of that show. That is the #2 greatest show on tv. #1 being arrested a far stretch. If you haven't watched it, YOU MUST. Since it's over, go to and start it. Your life will be better, take my word for it.

Holy side note.

Ok, anyway, can't do a post without pictures. Last week it was overcast and Cooper was outside playing with our neighbors. ("his guys", as he calls all his friends) We live in a parkside home, which means we are on a row of homes perpendicular to the street, and we are facing another row of homes. So in between we have a nice little grass area where all the neighbors and kids like to come out and play. We LOVE it. I can send cooper outside whenever and (usually) don't have to worry about him running out on the street. He just rides his little scooter around the sidewalk in front of our homes. ANYWAY, here are some pictures of a couple of our neighbors who are just plain cute. I can't understand why I just wrote about our neighborhood for 15 minutes.

IMG_6994 web
IMG_7016 web
IMG_7003 web
IMG_7031 web

Alright, I'm off to my weekly friday chick-fil-la date with friends in a bit. Mmmmm...I'm craving a juicy fried chicken sandwich this instant. It's been a couple weeks...I'm going through honest withdrawls. Have a great weekend!

Monday, April 13, 2009


Easter is over, but we have enough candy to last another year. This holiday is way worse than Halloween. But don't worry, I'm taking care of eating a piece of candy, or two, every hour. Coop had the time of his life this week by participating in three easter egg hunts. On saturday we hit up the Wallace household and hunted like mad. Coop had the time of his life with his bud they always do. Thanks Kristen for hosting a kick butt easter party....complete with fresh fruit and chocolate banana muffins. A dozen of which were devoured by yours truly.
egg hunt

This kid wasn't messing around. Oh, and the pink basket was 100% his doing. At target I asked, "Do you want a blue, green or yellow basket?" And he replied with a firm, "pink". Ok then.

the after-party


My very own easter egg. Scrum-didly-umptious.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Stud muffin Hudson

I can't explain to you how cute I think this boy is. Thanks Matt and Jackie for the fun time AND giving birth to one of the cutest kids ever. Sorry about the homeless man who kept yelling out profanities to the other homeless people. We weren't even downtown for the love of pete.

IMG_5810 bw web