Thursday, July 31, 2008

California, rest in peace

Dang it, we miss that place. When we drove in to Newport we immediately got sad that we don't live there anymore. It was so great seeing our friends and ward that we miss so much. But when we got back to South Jordan after a long drive, it was good to be home. Don't worry, we are already scheming plans on how we can move back some day :) Basically it involves us making a whole lotta money. Hmmmm......

Anyway, here are a thousand pictures from our trip. We tried to hit the beach as much as possible. Did some shopping. Went out to eat. Celebrated Tino's 2nd birthday (Cooper's best little bud who lives in our old apt complex) We had so much fun, I'm so happy we have nothing but fantastic memories from living there. Best 3 1/2 years of our lives.

IMG_1232 copy

IMG_1252 copy
IMG_1256 copy
IMG_1236 copy
Kristen and Tino
IMG_1247 copy
Amy and Eden
IMG_1264 copy
IMG_1269 copy
IMG_0375 copy
Fashion Island and dinner with Larisa, Kristen and Tino
IMG_0358 copy
IMG_0364 copy
IMG_0368 copy
Ok, I LOVE this picture because while we were eating dinner (at our fave mexican place down there El Ranchito) Tino laughed non-stop at Cooper. I kid you not, he didn't stop belly laughing at him the entire time we were eating. Cooper laughed a bit, but just kept eating like it was nobody's business. It was so funny. We miss them!
IMG_0380 copy

IMG_0389 copy
IMG_0384 copy
We were able to be there for Tino's 2nd birthday. It was kind of the highlight of the trip cause we were able to see all our old neighbors and friends. And eat lots of good food...and possibly the best white cake I've ever eaten in my life.
IMG_1290 copy
IMG_1278 copy
IMG_1295 copy
IMG_1309 copy
IMG_1298 copy
IMG_1390 copy
IMG_1333 copy
IMG_1328 copy
IMG_1304 copy
IMG_1404 copy
IMG_1409 copy
Before church on Sunday. It was so great to see all our friends from the ward.
IMG_1446 copy

Sorry for the picture overload, I know these don't mean anything to the people not in them. But each one is a memory from our trip and I want to remember everything!
We miss you California!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Well hello

Don't get me wrong, I hate when Dave works late...but I can't deny the love affair I have with chewing ice and watching Sex and the City on TBS. Two things he will not tolerate when he is around. Any other (previously) pregnant women feel me with the ice chewing? I crave it, I need it.

This week we are heading to sunny california, back to our homeland...well kind of...3 1/2 years of homeland. I'm not going to lie, we cannot wait. Mostly to take advantage of the beach, and a little shopping. Oh yea, and I have a maternity massage scheduled for Friday morning at the prestigious balboa bay club. Don't be fooled, I am not a member, and never was. Thanks to a generous friend down there, I'll be able to enjoy one hour of bliss. I have NEVER received a full body massage in my life, but I assume it will be quite heavenly. Anyone want to join me?

Here are a few pics from our wknd. Friday night Cooper and I met Dave at Gateway for a couple hours. He works right next to it and happened to be working super late that night, so we took a trip up to see him and walked over. We ate at Thaifoon (for the first time....mmmmm) and then stripped Cooper down to play in the fountain for a bit.

Since the pool was finished in Daybreak a few weeks ago, we have been frequent attenders. I just actually brought my camera this time.
IMG_1165 copy
IMG_1203 copy

He loves to swim.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Gals night

Thanks for an awesome time Tuesday night! Dinner at Biaggis + dessert at Flemmings + being with two of my favorite people = one happy me.
On another note, I finally scrapbooked this week! I haven't in so long, so it was fun to get my stuff out again. And finish my first "girl" page! I love the ultrasound pics...they just make me happy.
The latest Heidi Swapp papers do too..

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Lately, everything to this kid is "awesome!"

He is such a fun person to be with each day. He fills our home with so much joy and happiness. I have really come to appreciate his mellow side. He has been a very easy-going "two year old" and it has been so nice...especially being sick with this pregnancy. I like to say I paid my dues when he was a tough baby...constantly bouncing him on our exercise ball to stop him from crying. Tough baby=easy toddler??? HA. I'm sure that ain't the case. But I'll keep hoping...the two's haven't been so terrible!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Way more pictures than any of you would like to see

My sister couldn't have said it better on her blog: "This one week a year makes life worth living." The Gibb reunions are nothing but chaos and a bunch of undecided people who want nothing but food and good company. I miss you all already and can't wait for next year!!!

Here is "Fat City" the lodge a bunch of us stayed in. There are about 98 of us, so we are all scattered around different homes. This place had 12 bedrooms! Loved it.

The greatest parade on earth. It's about 5 minutes long and it actually turns around and comes back for another round.

Beef and beans at the park. I don't think I've ever had so much jello salad in my life. I'm gonna go ahead and say Utah ain't the jello capitol of the's Hillspring.

I couldn't have asked for a better traveler at night, but Cooper woke up a lot during the night on the way there. As a result, he was like this most of the first day. Then after his 4 hour nap that day, he was ready to party the rest of the week.

Cliff jumping. I was so proud of my brother Carson. He's only 9 and jumped off that 40 foot bridge! He and Brad were the only ones that jumped.

Raymond parade. But this picture has nothing to do with the parade. Just us. I finally got a point and shoot camera for easy access and I went nuts with the "take your own head shot"

My favorite...Waterton! He had a weenie roast. Notice what Dave put in front of Cooper to eat? About 5 pounds of chips.

Me and Tracie all big and pregnant...mocking maternity pictures. How are those gankles Tracie? I can't wait for mine to swell up to the size of tree's so fun.

The drive home. We're a hideous bunch of freaks. We got bored waiting at the border for an hour.

We miss you....our home and native land.