Thursday, May 31, 2007


Melissa and Brad's wedding dinner is tonight at Gardner Village...the cutest little place for a dinner/reception. It also happens to be my favorite "home furnishings/decor" place EVER. Haven't made it over there this trip, but one day my goal is to drive up to Utah and come back with the car chuck full of stuff from that place.

Tuesday was a fun day. I first met a few friends for lunch at's always a party with them. Gosh I miss them so was especially fun to see Millie because she lives in Kansas City while her hubs is going to medical school. I loved that we happened to be out here at the same time. Then that night I went and played tennis with some friends....Dave would've loved to be here for that. After tennis around midnight I went and picked up Dave. WOOO! We had to make a quick sonic run because I see the commercials for it all the time but there isn't one anywhere near I'm always wanting to go every time we visit. It's been so fun having him here. We shopped yesterday for wedding stuff and then went out to's fun to be back together.

Allie, Millie, Erin, Cooper, Me

One of my favorite things to do while I've been here is ride the scooter. My dad bought it a little while ago from their neighbor and it has been well worth the buy. Me, Jax and Melissa have been out on it at least once a day....I can't get enough of it. So yesterday I had to take Dave for his first cruise on it...and we had to get some pics.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

It's about time!

Cooper has officially crawled! We're just sitting on the floor and I notice he takes one little step (with his knee) and then another, then another....and I'm going "ummmmm." I wanted to make sure it was for real so I threw a toy in front of him to get and he slowly but surely crawled over! I was so dang proud of him. Earlier in the day he took 4 steps by himself's been a big day for him. I'm getting nervous because he's definitely becoming a busy body, but it's so cute to see it...I can't help it. (I'm sure I'll eat my words).

We miss you Dave and can't wait to see you Tuesday! Here's some love from me and our crazy boy. (I couldn't resist doing his hair like this after his bath)

Thursday, May 24, 2007


So our fist night here, in Utah, started out with a bang of course. Me, Mom, Melissa, Jax and Cooper were on our way to Red Robin for dinner to meet our cousins when a woman pulled out right in front of we SLAM on the breaks (and the car totally skids...which was fine....stuff like that happens) but as we slam on the breaks Cooper's car seat goes flying smack into seat in front of him. So of course I scream along with the 3 girls in the car. Cooper just starts wailing and I'm thinking what on did his seat come out.....oh wait...sure didn't buckle the seat in. Oh man I felt bad. I'm used to his car seat already being buckled in, but the car seat we're borrowing here I just strap it in with the seat belt. I have been trying to download a picture of his banged up face on here, but the computer won't let me, so here is a picture of all the girls who went to Red Robin.

Me, Jaclyn, Melissa, Cousins: Mallory, Emily, Vinnie

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I didn't think it was possible...

for someone to love food more than me and Dave. Coop would down an entire box of cheerios if I didn't stop feeding him....seriously. Nothing is more hilarious than watching him eat...he chokes on a daily basis because he shoves the food down like there is no tomorrow! Anyway, I had to snap some pictures of our wolf child...

I'm pumped to head to Utah tomorrow. I can't wait to be there for Melissa's first time through the temple. I'm so dang happy for her, she's in for a treat. It's so nice that I'm able to be there for the wedding and help her out with some of the planning. It is insane to imagine her married! I remember when they were "going out" in High School and now they are getting hitched...holy cow that is crazy. I seriously love Brad and couldn't be happier with the two of them together. He is a gem...they totally deserve eachother. I LOVE YOU GUYS! Can't wait to see you tomorrow!

Monday, May 21, 2007

I'm having too much fun

I'm totally getting the hang of this blogging...too bad it consumes every waking minute now. Ok....for my first official post I have to show the cutest picture taken yesterday. Our friends next door (Tiffany and Bryce) had everyone over for Bryce's birthday, so we couldn't resist getting some pictures of all the babes (and moms) together. just doesn't get more fun than this. We are so lucky to have these friends live so close, and all with babies around the same age!

Kristen and Brecke, Kristen and Izak, Tiffany and Kaden, Me and Cooper, Larissa and Tino

Anyway, that's the latest with us. Cooper is up now and we are off to run errands. We're leaving for Utah Wednesday morning (WOOOOOOOO!!) so I need to get ready. I can't wait to see the's always a constant party with them!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Ok....I think we are up and running. It almost seemed too easy.......hmmmm. We'll see if it actually works. Anyway, I thought it would be fun to start up a blog to make it easier to share pics with family (far away). We are in Orange County, and all of our family...I mean ALL of our out of state, so hopefully it's a good way to connect! Now, we just have to get them to read it ;)

Until next time...