Thursday, June 26, 2008


Well today we are off to the great white north. aka...the little town of Hillspring, Alberta, Canada. aka...the greatest place on earth. Since I can remember we have been driving up there every year to celebrate Canada Day on July 1st. All of my mom's side of the family meets up there and it's pretty much a 24/7 party. There's nothing I don't love about going to the farm: the parade, races, beans/beef, barn dance, tubing, weinie roasts, waterton, fireworks, etc, etc. Its' been three long years since we've been so I am pretty geared up to be back there!

Last weekend some friends in our ward were nice enough to invite us up to Zermatt, in Midway, for a night last weekend. It was a whole lotta fun...

we golfed/putted...or threw rocks into the pond

we swam

and rode the crap out of the carousel

It was totally fun and I can't wait to go back again. Oh yes...and I tried, for the first time in my life, gelato ice cream. MMMMMM.

Anyway, things around here are good. Just busy and trying to get packed. Poor Cooper has been battling something....I think he's teething. I thought he had all his teeth but apparently there are two year molars? Didn't have a clue. We came home from church on sunday and he had a fever up until tuesday night. He's been drooling more than I've ever seen him drool. And the past couple days he hasn't eaten hardly anything. Not to mention his breath is borderline deadly. On Tuesday he would cry and scream when something went in his mouth. Poor little guy...I'm guessing he's getting those molars in, but I could be wrong. I'm just praying he feels better on our trip, or things could get interesting.

Alright, must go pack. Wish us luck on the 12 hour (yikes) drive!

Monday, June 9, 2008

The big t-w-o

I can't believe my BABY is two. TWO?? Uh uh. Despite my wish for him to stop growing, we still celebrated. Nothing big, but it was a fun day. My b-day was the day before so we did little combined bbq with my family. Earlier that day I took him swimming for an entire 20 minutes, before it started to rain. We've got the greatest little splash pool here that Cooper loves, and I love, because I can sit on my ever-growing butt while I watch him swim.

We went to my folks' house that night to play and eat. My brother happened to have all his friends there. Cooper just thinks they are the coolest and tags along with them as much as possible.

Man, we love him.

I requested my mom's pineapple strawberry shortcake, and second year in a row....Coop made out with his cake. Here's the big man...blowing out his candle

A couple trucks...all a boy needs

And last but not least...the birthday girl. This night I discovered I can't jump on the tramp without fully peeing my pants.