Thursday, May 29, 2008

It's raining

and thundering and lightning outside. Yet another beautiful day followed by piss weather. I'm only bummed because we bought a bunch of flowers last night that I was so excited to plant today. All is well...we will do it soon. But seriously, aren't you proud I actually have ambition again? Yes, it's true...I think I'm pretty much back to normal. I'm getting excited for the "nesting" phase of my pregnancy when I want to scrub the house spotless. Please bless that happens.

Speaking of ambition, we are finally trying to get our empty living room done. We picked out couches and I'm slowly looking around for stuff to make it complete. I'm sure it will take forever for it to look done, but I'm just thrilled I actually have a desire to furnish our home. I found some cute pillows at Target....I'm ready for color in my house.
Aren't they pretty?

Cooper has discovered the world of rocks since we've moved here. There is a lot of construction going on in our neighborhood and endless piles of dirt and rocks. He, of course, spotted this pile right down the street and now it has become a frequently visited spot. He makes me sit down on the curb right next to him so I can watch him throw rocks.

So my kid isn't photogenic. Like father and mother, like son. Do any other mom's of two year olds find it impossible to get a picture of your kids face? I only get his back, running far away from me.

Have you ever woke up from a dream feeling uncomfortable because it felt so dang real? Well my dream consisted of me and Steve Nash (for those of you who don't know him, he plays b-ball for the Pheonix Suns) Not only were we a couple in my dream, I remember joining him for a meeting with the quorum of the twelve apostles...since he was a member. I also remember telling him how attracted I was to him. This can be number two on my list of weird number one would be the time I had a dream that I was intimate with Cosmo Kramer. Please tell me this is normal.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"I toot"

Our child is obsessed with tooting. All day long he tries to fart and you can tell in his expression. And when he does, it's truly the biggest accomplishment. He looks at me with huge, excited eyes and says, "I toot!" or "big toot!" and then laughs. What have we done. We have got to stop teaching him crude things just for a good laugh.

I hope everyone had a good weekend and mother's day. I felt spoiled all weekend. I was able to go to Park City last Thursday with some of my favorite people. Allie and Kate, Jessie and her girls, and Erin. Jessie and Erin are moving away this summer, so we wanted to do something fun before they leave. It was so nice to be able to shop for longer than 10 minutes without Cooper. It was such a fun day.

On Saturday I got my mother's day gift: a pedicure with my sister and mom. But not just any pedicure, we said yes to everything those ladies had to offer. was heavenly. Then we did lunch at Mimi's after with our aunts and cousins.

Early Saturday morning we went downtown for the Race for the Cure. We met up with a bunch of his co-workers and got a picture beforehand, then he ran with Cooper in the jogger . Wow, it was insane how many people were there, the announcers said around 17,000. It was very emotional for me to see everyone running for a cause. There was an old woman wearing a shirt that said "We're runners for April's knockers" Loved that.

Last night we dropped Cooper off at my house and went to the Boondocks for Dave's company party. It was way fun. We had dinner and just rode the race cars a couple times. The highlight was watching Dave get hit and spun around then getting hit head-on by some teenage girl. I laughed at him the 3 times I went around before he got turned around. I hope your neck is feeling better Dave :) Ok, so that wasn't the biggest highlight of the night. They played a big bingo game with prizes like ipods, wii's, and plasma t.v.s. Well believe it or not, me and Dave BOTH got bingo and both won ipod touches. Can you believe it??? I don't win stuff! It was surely a sign of the times. As you can imagine, we were both extremely happy.

Friday, May 2, 2008

It's just one of those things

Ya know how some women are passionate about epidurals? You might think the use of epidurals was a religion to some. You either have the die hard "say no to drugs" or the "hook me up in the parking lot" kinda gal. Well I have discovered that women are like that also with finding out the sex of your baby before the baby is born. Well, I'm the kinda girl who loves to find out ASAP. Only because I physically cannot wait until 40 weeks....way too excited. To me, it's a surprise either way. I find out at 20 weeks, or I find out at 40 weeks. Whatev. Anyway, this morning we found out what the little nugget is inside my tum. Drum roll.....

It's a girl!!

We are having a girl....and to my surprise I am absolutely ecstatic. The thought of raising girls always made me nervous (since I don't know how to do hair and I hate nailpolish) But I have changed. I actually have been thinking it's a girl for a while now. I'm constantly drawn towards girl stuff, which I never was with Cooper. I guess I kinda knew. And I couldn't be more happy. Seeing her in the ultrasound was just as exciting as seeing my first. It was incredible and I instantly fell head over heals in love with her. Anyway, here's a little pic of our sweet baby. The whole time she had her arm up to her mouth...hmm...thumb sucker? Who knows, she was just cute as can be.

And here's me at 20 weeks. This picture will hopefully put to rest the crazy theories out there that I am not showing yet. I sure am. And I feel bigger than I did with Cooper at this time...and more uncomfortable. Sorry the picture is so tacky, I just keep forgetting to have Dave take it, so I took it upon myself in front of the bathroom mirror.