Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Neglected blog. Why do I feel a need to update it? Don't know. But I must. The weather has been wonderful, we've been outside playing a lot. Cooper could live outside if I let him. 8:30 in the morning I hear the door open and he's gone. Or we'll be eating dinner and he runs by and says "see ya mama" and he's out the door. It's funny. But how could I get in his way? He's got things to do and people to see. After all, he's almost three.

I've got one thing on the brain, and one thing only: CALIFORNIA. Home (used to be). Heaven on earth. Beach. Friends. Oh, lovely friends who we miss more than words can express. We are heading back to the O.C. next Friday...where we will reside for a week...a week of complete and utter bliss. I get giddy just thinking about it. Can't wait to be back. However, I can wait for the round-trip car ride.

On to some pictures I took last week of a sweet little girl named Daphne. Aaahhh... SO refreshing to see a little girl with a t-shirt and jeans on. With un-done, messy hair. A kid being a kid.

p_04 web
p_07 web
p_11 web
p_16 web
p_22 web
p_26 bw
p_17 web