Monday, August 27, 2007


I am absolutely thrilled right now for a few reasons.....

1. I am (hopefully) flying to Utah this week. I say hopefully because I am flying standbye and the flights this week aren't looking so I am crossing my fingers for me to get on! I LOVE being in South Jordan and seeing my family and friends. I have the greatest people in my life!

2. LABOR DAY!! (Hoping we go to Eden of my new favorite places in Utah.) And spending the weekend in Utah with my family....again hopefully I am there! Poor Dave will be stuck here working all hours of the night. So I'm not really ditching him for the holiday....he wants me to go so I'm not alone this weekend!

3. I'm totally excited for fall the leaves, the warm clothes, and all the fun holidays. We've been talking about our Thanksgiving plans lately and it's making me hungry for my sister-in-law's pecan pie and stuffing...mmm...

4. Once a year Bath and Body Works has there
hand soaps on sale for 5 for $15 and I always stock up cause they are only $3! That's like the same price as softsoap at the grocery store. (remember we're in Newport beach....and Wal-marts with grocery sections don't exist...groceries are more expensive here) I LOVE all the flavors...especially fruity ones. I'm excited to try fresh pineapple...haven't tried it yet :)

5. I FINALLY went kayaking this weekend for the first time! I have been dying to get on one and finally on Saturday we used our friends kayaks and cruised around balboa island. I absolutely LOVED it. I can't wait to go again! Dave took Cooper around also and he loved it. We had a fun primary party on Saturday. We spent the day at our friend, Meredith's, beach home on balboa island and then that night we went on a harbor cruise on her brother's boat around the harbor. One of the many reasons I LOVE working in Primary with her...she throws awesome parties. A few pics of Saturday...

The kids were so cute helping Cooper get his life jacket on

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I hate tax season

I swear tax season is 11 months out of the year. Not really, but weeks like this seem to last forever. Poor Dave has been arriving home around midnight every night....I don't know how he does it. And truthfully I thought I might be productive during this time, but no....tonight consisted of me cleaning a little after Coop went down, reading an US Weekly my friend brought over to keep me company, roaming over to the computer, back to the t.v. to find Tori and Dean Inn Love (which by the way I can't stand her, yet I can't wait to watch next weeks episode), then I predict waking up on the couch after midnight in a pool of sweat, sleep walking to my bed cranky because I am so fetching hot, and then after finally dozing off again, Dave will walk in. It's already 11 though so maybe I'll try and stick it out till Dave gets here...

We went to this beautiful park last Friday with our friends (two of which moved the next day) for a little goodbye picnic. It's sad to see them go. Tiffany has been our neighbor for over a year and Kristen has been back here for the last 3 summers. I have grown so close to them and it's hard for me to not be able to see them as often as I did.

Cooper couldn't get enough of the "duck (really high pitch)---ies(back to low)"

Tiff, Me, Kristen, Kristin

I miss you Tiff!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

We miss you!!

We were lucky enough to have Melissa and Brad come stay with us over this last weekend. We went to the beach all day friday and then went to Claim Jumper that night for PLENTY of food. Then Saturday we went to South Coast Plaza and shopped for a bit then that night we swam at the pool and then bbq'ed at our place. It was so freaking fun just being with them. The whole time I kept saying, "gosh I wish we lived by's not fair!!" So anyway, it's always a hoot with Melissa....every time I leave Utah I have a 6-pack from laughing so dang hard. So I can't believe this but I hardly got any pictures of all of us this weekend...but I took some of them at the beach so here they are! Dang it, we miss you guys!
Here we are at Claim Jumper all fried from the sun that day I know Melissa will hate me for posting this but I think it is so cute!
I thought this was kind of a cool shot of them

Can I just say how much I want to shop right now? I am not much of a shopper...never have been, but lately I've been getting excited for fall clothes and especially cute baby clothes for Cooper. Cute little jeans....sweaters...oh man. Lately I've been diggin baby gap...such cute stuff for the fall! Now if I can just scrounge up some money...hmmm...

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I've been tagged

Ok...I actually think these are so here ya go!

4 jobs I've had...
1. Weidner Chiropractic (most days were spent sleeping on massage tables)
2. Trolley Stop
3. Great Harvest. I absolutely can't believe I forgot include the job I worked at the longest and had, by far, the best/worst memories of my life. Thanks to Allie and Jessie for reminding me of I miss that place...and the bread....and maybe Steve a little...
4. Scrapbook Oasis...greatest job in the world

4 movies I could watch over and over...
1. Mean Girls
2. Sweet Home Alabama
3. Home Alone...pretty much anything Christmas-related
4. Clueless

4 of my favorite TV shows...
1. Greys Anatomy
2. Scrubs
3. One Tree Hill (I think I am the only person over the age of 16 who likes that show)
4. Gilmore Girls

4 Places I have lived...
1. Edmonton, Alberta
2. Placentia, California
3. South Jordan, Utah (greatest place on earth and anyone who has lived there can agree)
4. Newport Beach, California

4 Places I have been...
1. South Carolina
2. Hawaii
3. Mexico
4. Missouri/Illinois

4 favorite foods...where do I begin
1. Buffalo chicken pizza from B.J.'s
2. ALL cereal (honey bunches of oats with strawberries/peaches, fruity pebbles, honey nut cherrios, honey comb...alright I'll stop there)
3. ANYTHING mexican...I can't narrow down the foods so I'll just name some of my fave restaurants...Rubios, El Ranchito, Chronic Taco, Cafe Rio, El Torito Grill, Arriba Grill.
4. Lemon bars. I recently found the BEST recipe in the world and can't seem to stop making them

4 of my favorite websites...(besides anything that ends with
1. or to get the best recipes
3. (I've never purchased anything off it, but I am obsessed with the site)

4 buddies I am tagging...
1. Allie McFarland
2. Vinnie Feller
3. Jessie Kerr
4. Ashley Campbell

Monday, August 6, 2007

More cake please...

Another first birthday this summer! It think this is the fourth 1st birthday we've had this summer. We celebrated Izak's birthday on Saturday and of was great. Kristen (his mom) sure knows how to throw a party! She made the cutest surfboard cake...

The boys wouldn't keep these on for one the time we were done Cooper had shredded two of them...

Coop loves the pool and he loves being thrown in the air. Notice ball not leaving hand

Our favorite time to go to the beach is late afternoon when the sun isn't gleaming down on us and the water is warm. Since the lighting was perfect outside I couldn't help but take tons of pictures.

No smile for the camera...

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Not a lot going on...

Do you ever feel like there is just nothing exciting going on in your life? Or you have absolutely nothing to write about? That is how I feel right now. So I'm just going to talk....about anything that is on my mind. Nothing in particular.

This is Cooper's new favorite toy. Now that he can walk we just hang out in the courtyard most of the day...he's all about running around, exploring and climbing stairs. I've been getting out his wagon and he could ride in that thing all day long. Here he is getting a push from his bud Tino. These two boys are like two peas in a pod...they love playing together.

Last night we met at California Pizza Kitchen for my friend, Kristins birthday. It was so nice getting together with's always fun. Dave left early for a basketball game so I was the single mom trying to tame my wild beast child two hours past his bedtime. All the kids were troopers...poor things were all ready for bed.

Ok, I must brag for one second. This is my friend Skye who I've known for a while...her mom and my mom were friends growing up. When Dave and I were going to school in Provo we would get together and scrapbook...she was amazing and taught me so much about it. Anyway, she is in Lehi now and since then has started her own photography business in her basement and HOLY COW she is good. I'm telling you...for anyone in Utah who is looking for a good photographer for babies/kids check her out...she is amazing. and check out her photoblog on there too (I put a link to her blog on my sidebar because I check it so often)