Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sorry for the hold up

We've just been enjoying our time with this little ball of deliciousness...
So here's the scoop on our girl:
Reese Hazel
born on sept 19 at 11:12 am
8 lbs 8 oz
19 inches long
...and seriously cute

Life has been crazy since she's entered our world, but wonderful in every sense of the word. I've been recovering well, and she pretty much lives the kick-butt newborn lifestyle...sleeps till she's hungry, and eats till she's tired. The nights are a different story though. Her days and nights are definitely mixed up. Cooper was the opposite....slept great at nights from day one, but hardly slept in the daytime. I thought I hated that at the time, but now I don't know which is worse :) I told Dave this morning I have never been so physically tired in my life than today. No exaggeration.
Cooper has been a champ. A whole lotta tv watching, book reading, couch climbing and messing up the family room as much as physically possible. He's been such a sweetie with his lil sib...always giving her hugs and kisses. But when we ask if he wants to hold her, his reply is still, "not yet." We love it.

more pics from the hospital
(Wow. I didn't realize how scary she looked right when she came out. I was just smitten)
IMG_1684 copy 2
She had some jaundice, so here she is with her bili was permantly under her back inside her blankets. After we got home she had to be under the lights for two days. It was hard not being able to hold her all the time.
Reese doing what she does best
Mocha Kiss copy 2
I could kiss those yummy cheeks all day long...wait...I do.
IMG_1704 copy
Dave is quite smitten as well
IMG_1765 copy
Don't worry Coop, we still love ya
IMG_1772 copy
Maybe I should consider getting out of these pjs and putting clothes on. 5:00 isn't too late to get dressed is it? Good cause that seems to be the trend this week.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Our lives are about to change

and this little stud has no clue what's coming
It makes me sad to know that it won't be me and him'll be me, him, and a baby that will take most of my attention. Poor kid. I hope he will remain his gentle, sweet self after she comes. I'm trying to prepare him as much as possible, but how does anyone prepare for a baby?
Most pictures consist of me coaxing him to look at the just doesn't happen. Maybe once I have the camera in the baby's face all day long, he'll get jealous and want to be in more pictures. HA. I still love him to pieces.
IMG_1471 copy

I'll take it.
IMG_1482 copy
This little stinker has been waking up at 6 AM EVERY MORNING this week. It's killing me. Doesn't he know that soon I'll be up multiple times a night??? The timing is impeccable. And to make matters worse, now that he's in a bed he can hop out and come wake us up. It used to be that he would lay in his crib and talk for like 1/2 hour before yelling for us. Big boy bed ain't so fun anymore.
I have one more week to go. My doctor told me she'll be out of town this weekend until monday (I'm due monday) so cross your fingers I deliver before she leaves on thursday! I have a feeling labor will start the instant she takes off on that plane.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

38 weeks

and the size of a sailboat
I must give kudos to shade for making the most comfortable maternity shirts in the world. They make up, what seem like, 75% of my maternity wardrobe. The other 25% is made up of one pair of jeans I have worn every day this summer...unzipped and unbuttoned. I plan on burning them as soon as my body will allow another pair of pants to fit over these fantastic birthing hips.
the ice cream I'm downing right now probably isn't helping much either. But it tastes so good! Every time I try a new ben and jerry's flavor I swear it's my favorite. Tonight this is my fave. My wonderful hub surprised me with a pint last night after a l-o-n-g day at work. No seriously, he didn't get home till midnight and still made time to stop off at the grocery store. I love him.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I have a sudden craving

I just topped off a huge bowl of ice cream, yet these pictures I took last week are making me hungry. What else is new.

a photobook of Cooper digging in...because I just can't choose one
IMG_1526 copy
sorry mom
IMG_1528 copy
ok, not really
IMG_1525 copy
IMG_1548 copy
greatest day ever, going on my fourth cookie
I'm going to be sick.
IMG_1560 copy
Wow. Soon there will be 4 of us. Today after my doc appt it hit me...and I started to cry. And just so you know, crying is something that doesn't happen to me when I'm pregnant...just major irritation with everything. Anyway, my life is going to change...and it hit me like a brick. My nerves are kicking in and instead of the excitement I've felt the entire pregnancy, I am feeling anxious and scared all of a sudden. I think just cause it's getting close. It's all good, everything will turn out wonderful. How can it not?