Sunday, September 30, 2007

Disneyland in the fall...

Is my favorite!! Dave took the day off Friday so we decided what the heck...since we have annual passes. Everyone raves about going in the fall time and Christmas, so we had to check it out. The park was decorated so fun with pumpkins everywhere and that general fall feeling. They had this part in frontier land called Woody's roundup that had hay bails, real cows and goats for people to pet, and a woman who was carving disney characters out of pumpkins. I had to get pictures of the pumkins...they were so cool!
Here is my favorite...the cheshire cat. I loved Alice in Wonderland...even though it kind of scared the jeebs out of me
Cooper harassed the crap out of the goats. He would play with their tails and the goats would wag them really fast, then Cooper would totally bust up laughing. He caught on quickly.
How can I head-butt them?

Wash up!
Let's just pretend that is my hand around Dave

Coop loves the jungle cruise
His favorite is the carousel. Every time we go to the mall we hit up the merry go he totally recognizes it and points towards it every time he sees one.
Trying to squeeze us all in
My favorite ride in the fall...the haunted mansion! It was so fun and decorated so cool
Candy corn acres at California adventure...loved the candy corn on the corn stalks

We took a break from the park and wandered into downtown disney for dinner. We ended up eating at Rainforest Cafe. Wow...that place is insane. We loved it! Cooper was obsessed with all the monkeys...and the food was pretty good! It's safe to say that Disneyland truly is the happiest place on earth. I was smiling from ear to ear the whole time. How can you not when peter pan skips on by you like it's nobody's business? I plan to go frequently.

Saturday we lounged around and went swimming with friends. We must take advantage while the weather is still warm! Then that night I was able to go to the Relief Society Broadcast. It was so nice being able to go and actually listen, baby free. It's so hard for me to really listen at church so this was such a treat. Lately I've been so grateful for my life, well I've always been so grateful, but lately I've really been thinking about it...for being a mom and the special role it is. I feel blessed every day for everything I'm given and the oppurtunities we have as a family. Man I'm lucky. Alright...I'm out. Goodnight!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Coop Doop

I gotta post about my boy and give the scoop on him and his favorite things right now. I know this is boring to most people but this stuff is so important to remember and we've got family far away, so let me just indulge them a little bit:

He's almost 16 months

LOVES balls...plastic balls, footballs, baseballs, basketballs...usually has one in each hand

Jibber jabbering away...with very few actual words. Here are some of his faves:
da ba (the ball)
kitty (most animals are kitties)
ishy (fish)
mom, mama, mommy
daddy, dadda
tino (his best bud)
nama (grandma)

His favorite place is outside...anywhere outside and he's in heaven

He loves the park, beach, pool and running around in our courtyard

He LOVES food...pretty much all food

He's totally into baby einstein dvd's...his eyes are glued to the t.v. when it's on

He loves the bath...we get him naked in his room just to watch him sprint to the bathtub and try to get in himself. We laugh every time

He's totally shy around people and a riot at home. It's crazy how different he is around people

He's becoming posessive and hates when other kids touch his toys

That's what comes to mind. He's a lot of fun to be with and he truly brings so much joy into our home every day...along with some craziness

Here are a few pics from the park and feeding the ducks last weekend

Oh ya, did I mention he's obsessed with airplanes? He points every time he sees one

I love diaper butts does that moldy bread taste? Love the shirt Dave picked up for him.
Go cougs!

Alright, I had to add this picture. One more thing he loves...

Sunday, September 16, 2007

This post is freaking long

HEY HEY!! It has been a while since I've posted because we've been in Utah...for the past 6 months it seems...(only two weeks). We had such a blast just doing whatever we wanted. MAN I love that place! While Newport Beach is everyone's ideal vacation spot...South Jordan is mine. Life is a little more slow-paced there...I love it! I'm a slow-paced kinda gal. Give me a quiet lakehouse and tons of trees with no one around and I'm happy. Over Labor Day my mom rented a big beautiful home in Eden where a bunch of us (family, cousins, etc) stayed at. Gosh that place is beautiful. If anyone is looking for a nice little getaway near a lake, check out Eden! It's up past Ogden. We fell in love with it years ago and have tried to come back as often as possible. Here's a gigantic run down of everything we did...
Here is the house we all stayed in and our gorgeous view. The pics didn't do justice.

Had our hair braided all weekend....thanks to Kenly and Bailey...our cute little cousins.
Grazed in the kitchen....what the Gibbs do best!
Went to church

My family...minus Dave
Listened to some tunes

Played scrabble
Cooked up some s'mores in the backyardPlayed ninentendo wii. I had no clue that this game was physical. My arms killed the rest of the week....I shouldn't have tried to show off my boxing skills so much. I had a riot watching my mom and dad play
Went to Pine View Reservior

After getting back we just hung out the rest of the time. Dave came to town for about 4 days to help recruit for his firm at BYU. He was there for a couple days and then we went to his parents for the weekend. His amazing mom took us to the childrens museum at gateway to play around. That place is so cool...Cooper was in heaven the whole time.
Later that week we went to Gardner of my top 5 favorite places ON EARTH. I absolutely love that place and can't come to Utah without going there....or tai pan ;)
Here's Cooper and Josh feeding the ducks

I love the look of every store there. They are all kind of boutique-y with cute country furniture, antiques, a baby store, stationary store, clothes...such cute stuff!! I love this store called the rooster house cause they have the yummiest candles. I got one called orange almond biscotti...YUM. I needed a good fall candle :)
My friend Lindsey got hitched last week! I was able to make it to her wedding dinner the night before I left but couldn't make the wedding dang it. It was so fun to see her before her big day. Me and Linds

Other highlights of my trip:

Visiting melissa at work
Ping pong at Jessies
Going to tai pan with mel and jax
Everyone getting sick after Eden from that pool sickness after(excpet for me and cooper...thank heavens that guy told me about it and said Cooper wasn't allowed to get in)
Scooter rides and seeing a side of Brad I hadn't seen before...HAHAHAHHA!
Tennis with friends...and riding the scooter home at 11pm freezing our bums off
Going to Cafe Rio...more than once
Visiting Skye and Candace...friends from Canada I hadn't seen in so long!
Seeing kristen!
Hanging out with mine and dave's family

Alright! I think I've about covered it. Sorry to everyone who endured this post. It won't happen again...