Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The day Reese's love affair with cake began

The day after Reese's birthday we invited a few of our favorite people to our house for cake, and really nothing else. I're thinking wow, she knows how to throw a party. No, no I don't. It was super low key. The only thing I like about a one year old's birthday party is watching them shove cake down their throats and all over their face. Totally entertaining. So we watched Reese do just that, then we shoved cake down our throats. It was great.

IMG_2915 web
IMG_2918 web
IMG_2919 web
IMG_2920 web

We moved her up to her high chair to finish the dirty job
IMG_2928 web
IMG_2925 web
IMG_2933 web

Then I just got sick of taking pictures and wanted to visit with people.

Near the end, she started looking drunk. Then eventually she just sat there, not moving a muscle...staring at nothing. It was awfully cute. Thanks family and friends who came. It was fun having you there to share the love and eat cake...

I still can't believe she is one!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

My birfday girl

My little miniature slice of pumpkin pie is one today. I can't believe it. Seriously, what happened. Where has my tiny, newborn gone?

Oh, but I can't complain. She gets better and better by the quick second. More smiley, more mobile, more delicious, more fun....and more destructive. I won't lie, a future of pure destruction does make me nervous. But, I'll enjoy her in the meantime.

She still seems like a lil 9 month old. It may have to do with her late desire to crawl, or her lack of being able to take a single step on those wobbly, abnormally small feet. Or maybe I've been in denial. Who knows. All I know is that I have whole heartedly tried to enjoy every waking moment with this child. I try to smell her and kiss her and take in her sweetness at least once a second. It seems the more I want time to hold still, the faster it goes.

Enough of the mush gush. You guys all get the picture...I'm obsessed with her. We were out in our courtyard Wednesday night and I snapped a few pictures of her. Nothing special, nothing thought up (is it ever??), just her being her insanly cute and lovely self. The way I obviously prefer her.

IMG_0079 web
IMG_0043 web
Oh those cheeks and that curvy mouth. I'll take them on a platter.
IMG_0066 web
IMG_0036 web
IMG_0054 web

Happy birthday my sweet little Reesey girl.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Yesterday coop asked to take a big, big, big bath (sometimes he'll say the adjective 20 times so I get the picture). So while reese napped, I filled up the tub and let him play. He wanted goggles, so I put on the only goggles we own....dave's snorkeling goggles. And I thought, what the heck, I'll show him how to use the snorkel. He didn't quite get the snorkel but still kept trying. Every few minutes I would hear him go under the water, he'd squirm really bad, then come up for air and choke. Then he would do it over and over again. It was cute.

IMG_2448 web
IMG_2450 web
IMG_2487 web
IMG_2473 web

We went to park city for an over-nighter last weekend and I took one picture. Yes, one. So I decided I would put a link on here to my sister, Melissa's, blog so you can see the pics and hear about the fantastic time we had. Only if you want...