Sunday, March 29, 2009


Today is a good day. Dave isn't working today so I am happy. We got to hang out TWO nights in a row, Friday and Saturday, and totally have fun. No band-aids for Reese all weekend. Church was good and both kids are sleeping right now. Life is good.

A couple other reasons my life is good.
IMG_5259 web

One reason life ain't snowed today.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Raise your hand if you suck at blogging

[hand raised]

I will try and be better. Life has been busy lately. But a good busy. I can't complain. My idea of a perfect day is having nothing planned...and just doing whatever I want, whenever I want.

On a totally different note....

My sister's good friend came over last thursday to have her sweet baby's pictures taken. She was an angel. But even a perfect angel couldn't stop my nerves from going crazy. It takes a special person to take newborn pictures, and I don't think that person is me! She was perfect the whole time. Even when a baby is peacefully sleeping, my favorite shots are STILL the ones with mom and baby. Those are so special to me. So thank you Cherelle for being my first "newborn" guinea pig....and being at my house for 4 1/2 HOURS. That's right people. I still loved it! Oh, and you are beautiful!!

Baby Kynlee
IMG_5589 web
IMG_5325 web
IMG_5363 bw web
IMG_5430 web
IMG_5478 sunflower web
IMG_5502 sunflower web
IMG_5371 web
IMG_5747 bw web
IMG_5657 bw web
IMG_5671 bw web

On another wonderful note....Reese FINALLY slept through the night. The WHOLE night. On her 6th month birthday to be exact. I took 6 long months, but she did it. I'm so proud. And extremely happy. Weird enough, I'm more tired than ever....I think my body is not used to getting so much sleep :)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Glamour Shots

HA....remember glamour shots? The ones your mom would go to the mall and have done? Well, thank heavens my mom got them done...more than once. I thought they were so cool. Well, last week after I took Reese's pics with the cute yellow background, my sister, Melissa, came over and I forced her into getting some of her own "glamour shots". Minus the glittery blue cowboy hat with matching blue gloves. Thank you again, mom....those pictures were glorious. Anyway, we had so much fun, and I thought they turned out pretty darn stinking cute. Thank you Melissa for being beautiful and letting me take these of you! Regardless of how dumb you felt :)

IMG_4792 web
IMG_4855 bw
IMG_4834 web
IMG_4817 web
IMG_4847 bw web
IMG_4779 bw web
IMG_4874 web
IMG_4898 bw web
IMG_4905 web

Apparently diabetes does the body good. She was diagnosed almost a year ago and has been doing an incredible job at eating right and staying healthy. I truly don't. know. how. she. does. it. She is commited to eating a very healthy diet. If you know our family, you know food is everything...especially eating whatever we want, whenever we want. She has stayed insanely strong and continues to inspire our family. I LOVE YOU freaking much. Thank you for being such an example to me.

If you are interested in learning more about the diabetic diet and eating better, she has started a blog with tips and recipes to stay healthy. She's done a great job with it...check it out here. Oh, and her blog is here.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Band-aids? What band-aidssssss?

IMG_4688 web
I get asked every day what happened to Reese's face. Ya wanna know what happened? It's not a big just looks like a big deal. It started out as some dry skin. Just an innocent dry patch of dry skin. Then it happened. She scratched if off with her bear claw nails. That was the beginning of the end. She kept scratching at it, so I put a band-aid on. That just made her scratch more. So I then put 3 band-aids on. That worked better, but still not enough. You have to understand her "first" scratch was January 24th or something. That was the night of my mom's birthday dinner. Since then it has been a disgusting, vicious cycle that might drive me to drinking soon. I put on the band-aids, after a couple days she rips them off along with an almost healed scab...and the cycle starts over. It hasn't stopped. Her oozing scab just won't heal. I am getting heated just writing about it, so I will stop.

The point is, it's ugly. I want to kiss her flawless 6 month cheeks...and I do, but it would be grand if there wasn't a pile of band-aids on them. Of course I think she is beautiful anyway...and more delicious than a chocolate covered strawberry.

I thought I'd post some pics of her bandaged face in all it's glory. And a picture of her cute feet and chubby legs because I love them.
IMG_4723 web
IMG_4739 web
IMG_4770 web

I normally have socks on her hands, so one my favorite things lately is when I take them off, she admires them like they are the most glorious things she has ever beheld.
IMG_4720 web