Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lil bundle of sweetness

I am terrible at getting "studio" pics taken of my kids. I took Cooper to Target when he was 6 months old, and left incredibly unhappy after the camera man, while showing some serious crack, left me with a variety of not-so-good pics of Cooper to choose from. I was let down...and vowed to myself I would never take my kids to a studio like that again.
Now, I'm so happy to be near my loverly friend Skye who can actually take a great picture....and doesn't moon me in the process. The one time in my kids' life that I really want to capture is when they are newborns. Such a precious time that only lasts a few moments. So I hauled the fam over to Skye's and she captured some serious cuteness. Not to mention the cuteness of a baby who WOULD NOT sleep. Reese was so stubborn that I had to come back a second time and finish. Thankfully we got some cute thank you Skye! You rock.
Ok, bear with me...I loved them all.
We had to get a few of lil coop man
I love my baby girl! Sweetness sent straight from heaven.

Monday, October 20, 2008

It's that time again

Once again, my favorite place to take pics...the pumpkin patch. Why you ask? I don't know...I think it's the color orange. I love that color. This day was the highlight of my week. Dave stayed home with Reese and I was able to have some one-on-one quality time with the little big man. (It had been a while) He ran around, ate treats, and was able to see some buddies from the neighborhood. We went with our mother's group so I was able to be with friends too. So nice after, what seems like, being a hermit most of the time! I love the fresh air...I am trying to get out more and take advantage of what's left of the beautiful weather. I am fearing a deep depression when winter comes :) Anywho...behold the patch...
IMG_2001 copyweb
IMG_2000 copy

IMG_2006 copyweb

I love this one of him jumping
IMG_2015 copyweb

IMG_2012 copyweb

love the old tractor

IMG_2061 copyweb

Vintage copy


couldn't decide which one I liked best :)
IMG_2056 copy

Me and the kidlings are having a pretty chill/boring weekend. Dave is in Florida till tuesday night for work. He's been so busy since Reese was born it will be nice to finally have him home at nights. Last week he actually worked a 43 hour shift. I'm not kidding...he left for work monday at 8am and didn't get home till wednesday at 3:45am. I don't know how he did it. So I'm glad he is able to have 3 nights of solid sleep away and room service. But poor Cooper asks 29 times a day when daddy will be home. My heart breaks every time. He loves his daddy so much.

Ok, so Friday night before Dave left we headed to Gardner Village to see all the cute decorations. I LOVE that place! (except it's more fun when you can shop w/o two kids!) Anyway, we took the kids, ate dinner at archibalds, and visited the petting zoo. It was totally fun. It was so great having a night with all of us together.
IMG_2120 copyweb
IMG_2126 copyweb
IMG_2136 copyweb
IMG_2149 copyweb
IMG_2150 copyweb
IMG_2159 copyweb
IMG_2156 copyweb
Ok, Dave and I totally busted up when we saw this witch. Only a few of you will find this amusing...I found my profile twin.
IMG_2171 />
All right, I'm off to tend to my crying child. Cooper is bouncing her seat trying to calm her down and shouting at me that baby is crying.

Friday, October 10, 2008

I'm gettin there

I think it's safe to say I'm getting used to this two-kids thing. Now that the "after birth" crud is over (pains, aches, complete sleep deprivation, deer in headlights mentality, etc etc) I'm getting used to the every day routine. Reese's calm temperament has definitely made life easier on me. The funny thing is I feel way less stressed with two then I did with one. Only because Cooper never slept in the day and was totally fussy all the time. Life is definitely more busy and crazy, but I seem to be handling it better.
And can I just add the last 3 nights have finally been so much better. She is waking up twice to eat and will go right back to sleep...thank the high heavens. Before she just stayed up all the live long night. I have hope now, and my eyes don't feel bruised anymore :)

Cooper has been so sweet, giving her kisses and "huggies" every chance he gets. He touches her head so gently and puts his face to hers. It always melts my heart.
IMG_1882 copy
Our sweet little angel
Rich Vintage Glaze copy
Reese received a package in the mail the other day from our dear friend, Larisa. I must say, people, every baby needs to own these socks!!
IMG_1866 copy
The are so stinking cute I can't handle it. It seemed like all the babies had them in california, I always wanted them! So thank you Larisa...we love them!
(If anyone is curious, they are called trumpettes)
IMG_1858 copy
She is so alert now...just taking everything in
IMG_1835 copy
Aaaahhhh...fall time. I have just decided it's my favorite time of year. I totally copied a neighbor with this idea, but look how cute these pumpkins are!! A little black glitter and ribbon, and my pumpkins are totally jazzed up.
IMG_1925 copy
And we finally got something to go on our naked porch...some cute black rockers. I know, I know, you'll see these on like every 4th house in Daybreak, but I love them and they compliment our house well.
Happy fall everyone!