Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hello world

Yes, I am here. But not mentally. Mentally, I am off in organizing land. That's right, the only thing on my brain the last week has been organizing. Why you ask? Don't know...I have never felt this way in my life. I am a clean person, but soooo not organized. My house looks clean, but after opening one closet or door, the truth will be told. When we moved in, I was sick and didn't care where anything went. I literally threw things in cupboards and closets and didn't give a hoot where it went. So it's about time I go through year later. WHAT??? We've lived here one year? Wow. Time flies.

Anyhow, I JUST realized why they call it spring cleaning. I've been organizing toys, closets, and cupboards like a bloody mad woman. I also have an urge to paint and re-decorate my entire house. Won't happen, but I can dream., contained.
IMG_4610 web

Well, that's about it. I've had one thing on the brain. Well that, and my poor little sick Reese. She's got RSV, but taking it like a champ. I want to hold her and kiss her and stroke her little head all day. Oh my baby. I miss her when she sleeps :)

IMG_4442 web

Tax season has begun. I think she misses her daddy.
IMG_4432 web1

And I KNOW this guy does.
IMG_4602 bw web

Is anyone else as giddy about the good weather as I am? There is nothing I love more than the sound of kids running around outside. Music to my ears.

Monday, February 9, 2009

A buncha sickies

That's what we are today...and have been for the past few days. Ya know, the usual. Coughing, runny nose, spit up, throw up, snot everywhere, and to add to the chaos I must've caught some sort of food poisoning on Friday. 'Twas lovely. Oh, but what was even better was the night of my nausea, Reese was up, like, 15 times. No exaggeration. We think something was going on with her tummy. Constipation maybe??

So, to say the least, sickness has taken over our home.

It's snowing outside today which means I pretty much have a free ticket to do NOTHING but hang out inside with my lovies. I might've mopped...ya that's's been a few weeks, or months...I can't remember. But don't be fooled. The only reason I whipped out the mop was to clean up the vomit Cooper left all over the floor after throwing up his chicken nuggets and apple. Told ya....lovely.

Since I can't post without pictures, here are some. Have I mentioned this little girl is a dream come true? Probably.

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IMG_4543 bw web
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