Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Betcha can't tell...

So I've been doing some decorating. Well ok, I would hardly call it that. I would call it "making my house look like it's been lived in for longer than 10 days...kind of." Check it out...I put up some curtains....

IMG_4168 web
IMG_4216 web
Ok, I have to confess...
They aren't curtains.
They are sheets. Chocolate brown, $10 sheets...that probably need some more ironing.
Bet I fooled ya though.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


As if being pregnant and barfing 19 times a day, eating nothing but toast and cereal, then rapidly gaining 40 pounds and eating everything in sight, sleeping on my side for 7 months, being kicked and beaten by my unborn child, labor (speaks for itself), delivery, a "chest" so sore I have to kick the floor while I nurse, painful contractions AFTER I give birth, and getting no sleep for 3 months isn't enough.

I have to lose my hair now??????

I will never understand the hair loss between my babies' 4 and 6 month birthdays. It's like a fun little after-party surprise. You think all the "crap" is done and then BAM...you go bald.

And yet, somehow, they are TOTALLY worth it.

On another note, they can surprise you....by yelling from the bathroom, "Hey dad! Wash my balls!" while taking a bath.

Aaaahhhh...the joys.
IMG_3901 mocha web
IMG_3912 mocha web
IMG_3905 mocha web

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Our smiley girl

Yup, that's right. We actually have a kid that (gasp) likes people. If you remember Cooper as a baby, well you remember, he only scowled at people. I can only say that because Cooper grew into such a sweetheart (who is slowly warming up to people!)...but as a baby he was no ray of sunshine. This little girl honestly has me wrapped. Absolutely smitten.

She is amazing, to say the least.
Lucky I am.

Monday, January 12, 2009

We went sledding, it was fun.

Saturday we went sledding...ALL of us...baby included. Well ok, she didn't go down any hills, but she enjoyed it from the inside of her stroller. Might I add we had a rockin time...just down the street. I love our neighborhood.
Thanks Bass' for calling us to come!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Just a case of the twos??

Cooper has been on a napping and eating strike. Sure, it's been fun...FOR HIM. Why is it when he doesn't nap...I get tired?

So for lunch yesterday I bribed him with a hostess donette. Seemed to do the trick. I've never seen him shovel food down so fast.
IMG_3939 web2

This kid can try me, but I'm pretty sure he knows I love him. I hope he does.
IMG_3963 web

I grabbed the camera yesterday just as we were heading out the door. I want to get more "every day" shots. I want to take at least one picture a day...of us...just hanging out. Ya know...real life.
IMG_3959 web

IMG_3954 web
Don't even get me started on how much I love this little girl

Monday, January 5, 2009

We had ourselves a merry little christmas

Did you?

Christmas eve is far better than Christmas in my opinion. The anticipation, the food, being with family, the food...

It was another year of loveliness. We spent Christmas eve at my folks' house with the whole family. Including my Oma (grandmother in german) who flew down from the GREAT white north, Edmonton, Alberta. Fun was had by everyone.

My beautiful sisters...and me in my freaking pajamas. My mom told us all to wear our snowman pajamas. I did. But did anyone else? nope.
IMG_3666 web
So I forced everyone to put them on
IMG_3681 web

IMG_3676 web

IMG_3691 web

ugly. (bet ya didn't know I had chicklets for teeth. neither did I)
IMG_3692 web

Christmas morn was fantastic. We woke up at our home (and if you know cooper, you know it was early) and had our own little christmas. What can I say? Cooper was on cloud 9. After each present he opened, he would get excited and ask us to open it so he could play with it. He loved it all...every minute. If you are wondering where Reese is...she was soundly asleep in her bed. Where I prefer her to be at 6:30 in the morning.

This was our tree before we hit the sack christmas eve. half our lights burned out long before christmas...I was just far too lazy to replace them.
IMG_3750 web
IMG_3751 web
for sure my fave....coop in anticipation
IMG_3737 web
IMG_3729 web
IMG_3720 web
coop decided to try out the skateboard santa brought him right away. and we discovered he's weirdly good on it
IMG_3758 web
IMG_3761 web
Later in the day he tried on his construction get up from grandma and grandpa hank. His favorite part of the outfit is the hat. He calls it his baseball hat and wears it around when we play baseball. Dare I say this kid has got a one track mind.
IMG_3780 web

So that pretty much sums it up. Dave has gone back to work and it's back to reality. We already miss him and it's 9 am. I can't help but be excited for the new year and what's to come. Last year was a wonderful whirlwind...this year???????