Thursday, December 10, 2009

I'm slowly recovering from hibernation

It's been a painful process just trying to talk myself into updating.

The weekend before Halloween we took a last minute trip down to Newps (Thank you Tracy for using that word on your blog, it's hilarious. It reminded me of when Melissa called it Newpy...also hilarious). The trip was short, but heavenly, as they always are. The weather was absolutely perfect. I can never explain enough how much we love that place. The connection we feel to it and the people we know there. It was where we started our family, where we met some of our greatest friends. And after yesterday's bitter, bitter weather, I want to move back, like, tomorrow. So I will take us to the beach here, with some shots from our trip.

We went to Montage beach down in Laguna with Kristin and Jared and their two cuties. This beach was beautiful, can't believe we had never visited.
IMG_0089 web
IMG_0090 web
IMG_0095 web
IMG_0110 web
IMG_0108 web
IMG_0104 web

Beach and B.j.s near the balboa pier with the lovely Castillos.
IMG_0273 web
IMG_0264 web
IMG_0214 web
IMG_0240 web
IMG_0259 web

Fashion Island, I think our first night. Dinner at wahoos.
IMG_0304 web
IMG_0302 web
IMG_0308 web
IMG_0343 web

We met Wendy for lunch and then she snapped a few little pictures of us.
IMG_0000 web
IMG_0053 web
IMG_0105 web
IMG_0149 web

The night we got home I got sick with something fierce. It took me down for a week. I don't know what it was, but I pretty much had everything in the book, all at once. Dave got it too. And then Cooper got a fever literally 1/2 hour before we went out trick or treating. So after his second house and barfing all over the sidewalk we were all inside with our sweats on, feeling like crud. Although it wasn't a great halloween, it was memorable. And we spent it together which is what makes me happy. Since halloween, I have no clue what I've been doing. Christmas hasn't been stressful at all...and that is probably because I have done nothing. No joke, nothing. Which is all of sudden stressful. Shoot...I should probably get on it. Why must I wait till the last minute to do everything in my life?!


melissa-brad said...

STACE STACE STACE......its about bloody time. bloody freaking time.
i started caroling when i saw your updated. those pictures couldn't have been updated at a worse time-that sun, the sand...the beach-its too much to bare with it -129 degrees outside.
wow, those pictures. that picture with the sunset and palm trees. breathtaking-the picture with you guys on the beach, i was trying to pic a fav.
thank you so much for sacrificing 4 hours of your day to upload those pictures...from the bottom of my heart.

the fellers said...

ugh, I got that to, but THANK THE HEAVENS my kids didnt get it, well, Scoty had a fever, and then it went away and then I got the fever, chills, aches, sick sick sick! I am SOO glad it is over! Anyway, I LOVE those pictures, I promise, after being out in like 15 degree weather today, i want to be there SOOO bad in a short sleeved t-shirt and capris....oh man!

Emily and Jake Shoff said...

I love you and your last minute stuff. Bummer about Halloween. Glad you will always remember though. GREAT PICS of the the beach. I'm so jealous!!!!!

lizzo said...

Welcome back to the fold sister, welcome back. I'm gay for these pics.

Windybrook Spinner said...

You have such a gift Stacey. Thank you for the beautiful photos. I guess I need a vacation because I about started crying looking at them.

Anonymous said...

Hooray!!! LOVE your pics! Happy you're back! Let's run away in a month to AZ!

The Bishops said...

How fun, sorry we missed you guys!!! Can't believe how big your kids are getting!! Where has the time gone!!! I do also miss Newps!!!! :( Hope you guys have a great Christmas!!!

ATK said...

Seriously, I thought you were prego when I read your post title since thats what happened to you last time...hahaha!Oh the memories. Great pics, as always! Love your cropping! So interesting to look at! Each pic tells a story. So great! Love it all! Miss you all! Now go spend all your money on your kids for Christmas! And a few dollars for yourself :)

melissa-brad said...

sterm. i really can't stop looking at all these goreous pics...

Robin said...

Stace! Loved hearing from you! And I love to look at your blog are such an amazing photographer! And your family is so cute! And yes, I about died when my mom told me about Eric and Jaclyn randomly meeting. Maybe the Weidners and Salas' will end up related after all...hahahahahha! I need your address to send a Christmas card!

Brittany Lewis said...

Stacie, what beautiful pictures. Your fam is so adorable, I love the one of the four of you guys walking on the beach with your backs to the camera. Stellar shot. I can't get over how cool I think you Murdocks cool!

Skye said...

Stacey you are aliiiiiiive!!! And I'm dying over coopers hair, it is so sweet please don't cut it!!! And your pictures on the beach, they are amazing and you are coming with me to California next time to take my pictures. Amazing. Friggin amazing. I miss you so much. Grrr why do we live 20 minutes away? it's too far!

Vanderlinden Clan said...

Hey I am finally getting my head on straight and remembering things I am supposed to do. I think I remember you asking me for my cell either on my blog or email but now I can't find the post and/or email. Here is my email If you have a second shoot me an email. This vacation looked like a lot fun!!!

Clint and Elle Stallings said...

I like to blog stalk your sister! Anyway, I confessed about 5 min ago on her blog. You guys are awesome! Love the pictures once again... your talents are endless.

Robin said...

Hi again Stace! I know its amazing to see the sun during the winter. But I must say that I enjoyed being able to cover up when I was pregnant and in the snow! Next time you guys come down let us know so we can get together!!! LOVE your pics!