Monday, October 19, 2009

112th post

Once again, I have waited at least two weeks to blog. I am on such a roll.

It is 6:24 am and there is no strange reason for me to be up this early. When fall rolls around, for some reason, Cooper wakes up earlier, waayyy earlier. I will never understand. I already miss the 14 long days of summer. Don't you agree thats about how many we have here in the indecisve land of Utah? Totally. I can't complain though cause heaven knows how much I obsess over autumn.

May I start out with the hugest news in the history of the world????? Coop actually peed on the toilet. ON THE TOILET. That day was a wonderful day...there were almost tears of joy. But I didn't allow myself to get my hopes up. And good thing I didn't cause he's peed on the toilet maybe twice since then. Awesome.

Reese has been keeping things extremely real for me as of lately. I don't know what switch went off in her head, but I must say the baby that I once new was a far sweeter version of the girl that I know I now. It might be the teething. She's chewing on her little hands constantly, she gets fevers like they are going out of style, she will not, under any circumstances, let me put her down, and she wants to take like 4 teeny tiny naps a day. I will just continue telling myself it's a phase. It's a phase.....

I had a great weekend. Any time spent with family from Canada is great. Besides this weekend, the kids the I have had a pretty laid back couple weeks. Good thing I have a few pictures to look back on, or else I would forget everything...since I do forget everything.

Last week we hit up the pumpkin patch. I love the pumpkin patch. Coop was giddy when he saw that the tractor he sat on last year was there still. IMG_0055 web
IMG_0053 web

This picture cracks me up
IMG_0035 web

This is the #1 reason I love daybreak. Coop's got some good buds here.
IMG_0039 web
IMG_0048 web

There is no other reason for posting these, other than they melt my heart.
IMG_0074 bw
IMG_0089 web


Allie said...

Stace, I love that you were up that early. I think I went to bed about 2 hours before that. I am an insomniac.

Its been forever since I've seen you!! Go Coop peeing on the potty! Kate pooed on the potty, but it was the biggest fluke in the world... Love you. Lets get together!

Jeff and Mallory said...

You have the cutest kids stace!

ATK said...

Now, that's a real pumpkin patch. The vines are still attached to the things. No lining them up all perfect like Rogers Gardens or Strawberry Farms.

melissa-brad said...

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its about bloody time!!
my word stace, those pics of cooper....and reese. they never cease to make me crawl on the ground and shout out there names. i love them so much!! thanks for the freaking post, and please keep them coming

lizzo said...

Cute pics...lovely words...I am proud of Coop.

Anonymous said...

I love looking at all your photos. When my kids get older, they are going to wonder if we owned a camera during the winter and if I knew how to accurately use it. ;)

Anonymous said...
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AJ Williams said...

This is the first time I've seen your blog! The pictures you take are amazing! I am going to call you to take a family picture of us! Loves-AJ

Skye said...

Are you alive????

Chad and Kristen Milne said...

I am not a very good blogger, but after Pete's incident I have reconnected to the blogishpere. I read a comment from you or Murd on Pete's blog. I hope it's okay I add you to my list. Your photos and kids are beautiful!

Kristen Milne

Anonymous said... long is your no-blogging strike going to last? And, I've added a new blog roll of photographers I think are amazing. Can i add you on there? Because I think you're an amazing photographer!

Anonymous said...

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