Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The day Reese's love affair with cake began

The day after Reese's birthday we invited a few of our favorite people to our house for cake, and really nothing else. I're thinking wow, she knows how to throw a party. No, no I don't. It was super low key. The only thing I like about a one year old's birthday party is watching them shove cake down their throats and all over their face. Totally entertaining. So we watched Reese do just that, then we shoved cake down our throats. It was great.

IMG_2915 web
IMG_2918 web
IMG_2919 web
IMG_2920 web

We moved her up to her high chair to finish the dirty job
IMG_2928 web
IMG_2925 web
IMG_2933 web

Then I just got sick of taking pictures and wanted to visit with people.

Near the end, she started looking drunk. Then eventually she just sat there, not moving a muscle...staring at nothing. It was awfully cute. Thanks family and friends who came. It was fun having you there to share the love and eat cake...

I still can't believe she is one!!


the fellers said...

that second to last picture, she looks JUST like Cooper! happy birthday baby girl!

melissa-brad said...

i just laughed again thinking of reese during her "diabetic low" after all her cake.

my word, she is so cute! that cake was perfect stace. and I'M OBSESSED with the pictures!!

lizzo said...

I love these pics. How is it that you're so talented? You are a pioneer...

Wallace Family said...

mmm nothing like delicious cake.

Skye said...

Stacie I loved seeing you on Friday and all the evil plans we came up with. My mom and I were dying laughing at ridiculous names we were coming up with. That was so fun to come and see your Edward Scissorhands neighborhood!! By the way, hobby lobby was a bust, holy junkyness! And yes I bought stuff, so what.

Skye said...

Oh, and do I even need to mention how adorable that girl is. I wish I could have seen her while I was there! Coming to my matilda jane party on friday? You should so we can hang out after!!